About Us

Our Mission

DataFrameworks has created a flexible platform providing structure with a unified view for end-users working on large-scale projects and who utilize unstructured data. It standardizes the organization of data across heterogeneous storage systems while maintaining an agnostic view toward underlying storage infrastructure. It is DataFrameworks’ vision to become the de facto file manager for organizations with multiple file repositories (cloud, on premise, local drives, archives, etc.).

Our Approach: File Management System

DataFrameworks develops innovative file management software. With its ClarityNow solution, enterprise users are able to more effectively find, use, and organize files, while enabling IT administrators to manage storage infrastructure, provision storage efficiently, monitor and report on storage use, and effectively make decisions about new infrastructure purchases.

DataFrameworks has adopted a high touch model with customers, resulting in direct feedback from end users to DataFrameworks management and product development. Since launching the beta release of ClarityNow in early 2010, DataFrameworks has steadily gained traction in the media and entertainment as well as life sciences markets. DataFrameworks customer base includes brand-name companies like Technicolor, Deluxe, Illumina, DreamWorks Animation and Sony.

Our History: Leaders and Industry Experts

Privately held and funded, DataFrameworks was established in February 2009 and is comprised of veterans from the storage technology industry. Paul Honrud, DataFrameworks’s Founder (was previously with Baydel, the forerunner company from which DataFrameworks was formed). Doug Schafer, VP of Engineering, and Jan Olderdissen, CTO, both come from distinguished engineering roles at IXIA. CEO Will Hall hails from a sales and partnering background from market leaders NetApp and (Fusion-IO) SanDisk.

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