How We Think

DataFrameworks develops innovative solutions for file-based workflows. Standardization is a key component to efficient file-based workflows. DataFrameworks provides data and storage management software that standardizes the organization of data across heterogeneous storage systems.

How We Innovate

The DataFrameworks team has a history of being leaders through innovation and patents. The innovations that we are dedicated to pursue are based on simplifying and achieving unparalleled advances in the increasingly complex world of storage management. IT organizations require help in controlling costs and our team is committed to assisting in that quest.

Creating our patented ‘Data Storage Management Driven By Business Objectives’ represents the strength of our ability to align ourselves with understanding the intersection of IT requirements and the business objective challenge of controlling storage costs and efficiencies. Our focus in this area has lead us to offer new methods to data organization based on business logic that provides a higher degree of intelligence to the organization of data storage compared to prior art solutions.

A few examples of these new methods are:

Our goal is to keep innovating at the IT and Business Objectives intersection.

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