ClarityNow is an innovative file management software that standardizes the organization of data across heterogeneous storage systems. Using ClarityNow,enterprise users are able to more effectively find, use, and organize files; and IT administrators are able to manage storage infrastructure, efficiently provision storage, monitor and report on storage use, and effectively make decisions about new infrastructure purchases.

As the amount of content generated by enterprises continues to proliferate, the strain on enterprise storage infrastructure, business users and IT administrators, and corporate IT budgets continues to grow. While the price of storage continues to fall, the cost of managing complex storage and data infrastructure is increasing. 

Companies need help in achieving the CapEX/OpEx balance. Balance is achievable with ClarityNow.  Here are a few selected and key features:

ClarityNow In Action

ClarityNow supports most industry standard file systems, NAS, SAN and local.

ClarityNow consists of a number of basic components: the server, clients, and agents. ClarityNow logically resides between an enterprise’s storage infrastructure and client systems. The ClarityNow client software interacts with the server and storage infrastructure and provides users with access to the ClarityNow logical folders system for locating data and for requesting and managing storage attributes and reservations. The ClarityNow server is the heart of the file management solution. The server software runs on a dedicated server and is responsible for maintaining the ClarityNow data portal tree and database and processing client requests. Finally, ClarityNow agents sit on the file servers and are responsible for processing standard file system requests (create directory, delete directory, and stat directory commands) initiated by the server or clients.

ClarityNow is extremely flexible in terms of supported hardware, operating systems and file systems for its server, clients, and agents since a primary design goal of ClarityNow is to enable incremental improvements to existing infrastructure and existing data.

The ClarityNow scanning server requires only read access to file system volumes. The scanning server: 

The key to ClarityNow's high performance resides within its "in-memory" object oriented database. The data structures are represented via XML constructs. The database incorporates the following functionality: 

Plug-In Ecosystem

ClarityNow provides a "plug-in architecture" that enables specific software components to customize functionality. There are three types of plug-ins.


Menu-based Plugins enable actions on tags or files system paths.


Tag-based Plugins are used programmatically to correlate file system data to the production system.


Infrastructure-based PlugIns enable close integration and efficient operation with components.


Customizable and Open Architecture

The ClarityNow architecture resides outside the data path and does not impact client access of file systems.  The server operates in a “look aside” fashion and simply monitors existing file systems.

ClarityNow provides the flexibility and necessary interfaces to incorporate your custom business logic.

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