Solution Benefits

ClarityNow is an innovative file management solution designed to standardize, simplify, and enable seamless scaling of data and storage infrastructure through automation. Our zero-footprint solution layers on top of existing file systems enabling business logic, policies and budgets to be incorporated into the file systems. ClarityNow provides an essential abstraction layer within the enterprise storage environment that powerfully connects business users with data assets. ClarityNow provides the following major benefits:

  1. Provides a collaborative file centric view for intuitive file system navigation;

  2. Establishes and enforces file system structure standardizing directory hierarchy and naming conventions

  3. Incorporates business oriented attributes into the file system enabling visualization of business logic, policies, and budgets

  4. Establishes normal use baselines and actively monitors file system for abnormal use; and

  5. Provides business facing reporting functionality delivering actionable information directly to business users.

Use Cases

ClarityNow focuses on two service based Use Cases: "File-based workflows" and "Business facing reports". These two use cases are highlighted as a way of showcasing what is shaping effective business strategies.

​File-based Workflows

"File-based workflows" often rely on inefficient manual processes that contribute to disorganized file systems. As an example, business users often use email as a mean to disseminate working files to other users. By using email or other manual process instead of relying on a well-organized file system, duplicate files and version control quickly convolute appropriate file based workflows. Such problems are vastly magnified in enterprises that have one or several of the following characteristics: 1) large user populations, 2) generation of a significant volume of file-based data, and 3) a high degree of dynamic turnover of data. 

In enterprises that generate vast quantities of files - the sheer volume of data quickly becomes unmanageable and increasingly error prone from an operational perspective. In such cases, automated processes are required to identify areas of concern that require human intervention. By establishing a baseline of normal use, ClarityNow can actively monitor file system use and quickly identify non-conforming user practices. Baselines can be established around a wide variety of criteria to establish normal use. When abnormal use is identified, ClarityNow guides users to acceptable options to correct the non-conforming use.

Business Facing Reports

ClarityNow enables business users and IT administrators to generate real-time reports by workflow, project, sub-project, department, and storage container. These reports can be used to manage data to reduce capital expenditures, increase data production line capacity, and reduce operational costs (via reduced operator error, reduce required operator skill set and training, and automation of routine operator tasks).

ClarityNow is a proven and designed solution to support rapid customization, development, and deployment. The customization capability is one of its most important and critical functions enabling necessary support of specific and unique customer workflows. Further, ClarityNow provides the flexibility and needed interfaces to incorporate custom business logic. Because of its highly customizable nature, ClarityNow can easily become the central data management hub for almost any kind of workflow.

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