Engineering Data

Unique Solution Value

ClarityNow addresses Engineering Data (EDA, AST) challenges by providing visibility into environments where storage consumption, data complexity and file sizes are always increasing, allowing operational efficiency improvements specifically:

Use Cases

In addition to the "File-based workflows" and Business facing reports use cases, ClarityNow has identified other use cases that hold specific benefits to Engineering Data customers.

Accessibility and Sharing

ClarityNow’s high speed search eliminates wasted time waiting on slow file manager search results. Low server overhead and fast scanning are completed without causing any bandwidth anomalies. The ClarityNow journaled database provides rollback functionality.


ClarityNow’s menu based plugin's can be configured to log and track actions invoked (archive, move, etc.) and increase security of customer content while in custody of facility by limiting file system access to only individuals that add value to the content. ClarityNow enables content producers to be self-sufficient via a secure view into storage.

ClarityNow can provide an accurate map of all files associated with any given asset regardless of the user or application that generated the files.

Electronic Design Automation Benefits

Capital and Operational cost reduction by

​Worldwide standardization of workflow and methodology for projects​

​Acceleration of data manipulation and movement to backup and archiving​ by

Improvement of customer communication without increasing piracy access points

Reduction of engineering involvement in IT operations while delivering on requirements for capacity, availability, performance

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