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Unique Solution Value

With the widespread adoption of high quality digital imaging, Life Sciences is facing a challenge in terms of infrastructure, workflows, and storage requirements. Organization of data files by team, geography, etc. are increasingly more important as researchers seek out new ways to use, share and collaborate on imagery for everything from education to research and diagnosis. 

ClarityNow can introduce automated file management standards and processes which can account for, and report on, all the data associated with any given project.

Use Cases

In addition to the "File-based workflows" and "Business facing reports" use cases, minimally, ClarityNow has identified three other use cases that hold specific benefits to the Life Sciences industry

Accessibility and Sharing

ClarityNow’s high speed search eliminates wasted time waiting on slow file manager search results. Low server overhead and fast scanning are completed without causing any bandwidth anomalies. The ClarityNow journaled database provides rollback functionality.


Much of the data generated by Life Sciences organizations must be retained. The HIPAA act mandates when patient data is involved, that records are kept for 20+ years and beyond.


ClarityNow’s menu based plugin's can be configured to log and track actions invoked (archive, move, etc.) and increase security of customer content while in custody of facility by limiting file system access to only individuals that add value to the content. ClarityNow enables content producers to be self-sufficient via a secure view into storage.

ClarityNow can provide an accurate map of all files associated with any given asset regardless of the user or application that generated the files.

Life Sciences Benefits

ClarityNow provides a flexible, industry standard file system based approach to higher level archive intelligence. Businesses can capture this value today with ClarityNow!

*ClarityNow tagging functionality can be used to determine files that comprise “business assets” to be archived (collections of related data). 

Morgridge Institute for Research enhances file management with ClarityNow!

We previously had multiple approaches, which included Robinhood on the Gluster environment and various document management programs. These approaches required too much maintenance and manual interaction, and did not provide a single view of all the data for the Institute encompassing all of our storage repositories. ClarityNow provides the immediate visibility required by Labs and Principal Investigators

Derek Cooper, IT Technical Manager, Morgridge Institute for Research

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