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Unique Solution Value

File management is a community problem where difficulties and workflow vary for each of the stakeholders in the environment. ClarityNow is designed to improve efficiency and workflow for all of the stakeholders:

ClarityNow can introduce automated file management standards and processes which can account for and report on all the data associated with any given project.

Use Cases

In addition to the "File-based workflows" and "Business facing reports" use cases, ClarityNow has four other use cases that hold specific benefits to the Media and Entertainment industry.

Audio Workflows

Modern audio recording, post production, and distribution all use fully digital workflows that yield audio files stored of digital storage devices and file systems. The organization and management of these audio files is becoming a critical component to increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with file-based audio workflows.

Digital Intermediate Workflows

Efficient data management can help a Digital Intermediate Service Provider (The Provider) address their customer concerns and overall business challenges as images services transition from tape based to digital workflows.

DVD Authoring Workflows

The physical storage and archive costs associated with tape is predictable and Inexpensive. However, it is difficult to estimate real cost of holding file-based data infinitely.

Encoding/Transcoding Workflows

Digital file-based workflows can provide tremendous time and cost efficiencies for the production and distribution of content, by speeding the production process and allowing for efficient distribution of content to broadcasters, partners, and consumers seeking content across a variety of devices.

ClarityNow provides the ability to accurately account for, and cost, all data associated with any given project, customer, work order, etc.

Media and Entertainment Benefits

ClarityNow provides a flexible, industry standard file system based approach to higher level archive intelligence. Businesses can capture this value today with ClarityNow!

*ClarityNow tagging functionality can be used to determine files that comprise “business assets” to be archived (collections of related data). 

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